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A Place Called Peru, California: Prophet Charlie Shamp

Today while in prayer I was taken in the Spirit to a place the Lord called Peru, California. I heard the Lord say, “watch this place, I will fill this space, something special is about to take place.” (more…)

Prophetic Word for the Jewish New Year 5778: Prophet Charlie Shamp

A Year of New Beginnings:
I heard the Lord say, “You have seen it. You have heard it before. You have spoken it. You have even imagined it in your mind; my plan for outpouring in the earth, but what I’m about to do for my people has no historical reference points. (more…)

Pray for the Pentagon

All day as I have been in prayer the Lord has highlighted The Pentagon and said, “Pray peace and protection for this place and the people.” (more…)

Kamala Harris: A Star Will Rise!

I was praying and suddenly I found myself in the Spirit looking for what was to come. In my eyes I could see the state of California and a rising star. I heard the Lord say, “behold the woman that will rise from the West!” (more…)

Hear the Word of the Lord: A Prophetic Call to Rwanda and Kenya

Over the past month now I have seen the eye of the Lord hovering over the continent of Africa. At different times the Lord would highlight to me certain nations and things that will be happening in the coming years. (more…)

Australia, You will experience a double portion of Healing and Harvest.

Over the past few weeks as I’ve traveled and ministered in the nation of Australia I have repeatedly seen the number 22. (more…)

Keep your eyes upon Big Ben something supernatural is about to be seen. . .

Keep your eyes upon Big Ben something supernatural is about to be seen. . . (more…)

Prophetic Kingdom Connectors: The Ezekiel Anointing is Rising!

God is raising up prophets in this hour that will carry the anointing to unite different Kingdom expressions in churches across cities that will in turn form into outpourings in regions. (more…)

South Africa Storm Prophecy Fulfilled

A word for Cape Town, South Africa Given on February 19, 2017 (more…)

I will Reveal the Heart of David in this Land: A Prophetic Word for the Nation of South Africa

This is a season for acceleration for South Africa. On April 11, 2017 in the early morning hours I was taken into a dream, this is what occurred. I found myself in the region of Stilfontein, South Africa. (more…)