Leviathan will be silenced in the Panhandle of Florida (Hurricane Watch)- Prophet Charlie Shamp


I was taken in a very disturbing vision as I was in prayer on January 13, 2018. Suddenly, I was lifted in the spirit and saw the panhandle of Florida from Pensacola to Panama City. As I looked from an aerial view I saw a vicious hurricane come into the Gulf of Mexico and head for the coast. This storm twisted and turned like a serpent at sea. I continued to look as the hurricane made its way towards Pensacola and Panama City. I heard the Lord say, “Can you draw out Leviathan from the sea with a fishhook? Can you press down his tongue with a cord so he can not speak? Can you put a rope in his nose so that he can not breathe? Can pierce his jaw with a hook to break his will? Or will he make many supplications to deceive you? Will he speak to you soft words in the wind? Will you play with him as with a bird, or will you bind him from entering your city? Lay your hand on him; remember the battle and don’t remain silent! Who can strip off his outer armor? Who can come within his wall of water? Who can open the doors of his face and stop his gust of wind? Around his teeth there is terror and fear. One is so near to another that no air can come between them. They are joined one to another; they clasp to each other and cannot be separated. He flashes forth light and his eyes are like the eyelids of the darkest night. Out of his mouth goes forth burning torches, sparks of fire leap forth. Out of his nostrils smoke goes forth as from a boiling pot and burning rushes. His breath kindles coals and a flame goes forth from his mouth. In his neck lodges strength and dismay leaps before him. The folds of his flesh are joined together firm on him and immovable. His heart is as hard as a stone and dark as night. When he raises himself up, the mighty fear, because of the crashing of his waves they are bewildered. The sword that reaches him cannot avail nor the spear, the dart or the javelin have any affect. He regards iron as straw, bronze as rotten wood. This serpent seeks to send a devastating storm to the panhandle of Florida. He will attempt to bring destruction and devastation to this place, tell my body they must pray. Pray my peace upon the Panhandle, pray my presence into Pensacola and Panama City, decree silence to this satanic storm sent to destroy these cities. My word will go forth from your mouth as a piecing arrow of deliverance that will strike the serpent. In that day I will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent with my fierce and mighty sword, even Leviathan the twisted serpent and my body will silence this dragon who lives in the sea. You will crush the head of Leviathan, you deal to him a wound that he will not recover from as you pray.” Prayer Shield, I want us to lift up the cities of Pensacola and Panama City this year in prayer. Satan is seeking to bring devastation, but the prayers of the righteous will silence the storm and bring peace to both the city of Pensacola and Panama City.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp

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