The Future of Lebanon and A Devastating Attack upon Israel: Prophet Charlie Shamp


I saw that The Future Movement led by Saad Hariri will win the general elections in Lebanon. He will end up forming another coalition government and we will witness the stability coming back in the country. I saw Lebanese economy come back from the brink of death. I heard the Lord say, “ I will heal the land from backsliding, I will love them freely. I will turn the nation away from those who seek turmoil and terror. I will be as the morning dew and bring the future to the forefront. Lebanon will grow as a lily and Hariri will cast forth his roots deep into the soil of the nation. His branches will spread out towards peace with other countries and Lebanon’s beauty will be as the olive tree. Though the nation has been under the grip of a deceptive spirit that has attempted to squeeze the life out of her I will exalt those who stand for my righteous cause, like the horn of an unicorn she will be anointed with fresh oil. They that have dwelt under this demonic shadow of deception will return to the Lord; they will be revived as the corn and grow as the budding vine. Lebanon will be like a green fir tree in my sight from her precious fruit will be found in the Middle East, yes their scent will be as the fragrance of new wine and nations will behold your beauty once again. Is it not yet a very little while and Lebanon will be turned into a fruitful field, and the fruitful field will be esteemed as a beautiful forest? And the deaf will hear the word of the Lord and the eyes of the blind will see out of darkness. For the terrible one will be brought to nothing and all will behold their demise!”

We must also fervently pray for the protection of the nation of Israel. Tonight I saw a devastating attack from Iran coming. I heard the Lord say, “For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrows upon the string that they may secretly shoot at my people to destroy them. They will strike and hit, but I will brake the the arrows of the bow, the shield and the sword in the end. The weapons of war in their hands will I utterly destroy and leave them disarmed. Fear not Israel, nor be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrows that take flight by day for I will shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded and broken. I shall send upon them arrows, which will be for their destruction. I will increase the famine and will break their staff of bread until they turn and flee.”

-Prophet Charlie Shamp