Dark Days ahead for the DRC


There are difficult and troubling days ahead for the nation of Democratic Republic of Congo. My heart is breaking for the people of this beautiful land. During the night I could see the seeds of violence sown across the country. There is a strategic strategy of chaos to manipulate the people at this time. I saw a vast conspiracy of corruption and chaos all around in every city and town. A great crisis is about to arise that will require a vast amount of prayer from God’s people. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Surely Emmanuel will be set in as a president, but he is no savior. He is a pawn ruled by a dictator. No earthly power can remove the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy from ruling, they will retain control of the nation through a disputed election; only prayer can save my people now.” I could see even corruption in the courts ruling in the favor of this corrupt party. As a result of corruption through election fraud the enemy will trigger conflict and crisis across the country. There will be unlawful measures put in place that prevent and limit citizens from participation and engagement in the vote this December. The ruling party will claim that the election is fair, credible, and free, but it will be fake, corrupt, and fraudulent. A great conflict will come forth from the results afterwards. This will cause a blanket ban on demonstrations across the nation, but there will be sparks of violence and even bloodshed. We must pray for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo at this time. They need mercy and hope during these dark days.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp