Word of the Month- March

There is a new movement that is arising in these days that is shifting what many consider normal Christianity. Many are calling it a wild fire movement and saying it has no place in Christianity, even placing an anti-religious, religious spirit label on what I believe is close to God's heart.

And although at this time it is being misunderstood, history, I believe will tell a different story. God downloaded me with a word about this movement. He said; "If you want to be where I am. Go to where the wild things are." The Kingdom of Heaven is always advancing and pioneers always move with the wind (JN. 3:1-2,8). We have been called to embrace the wild things of the Kingdom and live on the edge.

John the Baptist ate some Wild Things

John the Baptist was a forerunning prophet that prepared the way for the manifestation of the Son of God. Prophets are almost always misunderstood because of their wild appearance and crazy actions. John's eating habits were considered by many to be that of a mad man (Mark. 1:6). This generation has been called to eat some wild things from the table of the Lord. There is a wild honey that is set at the table that has been over looked for many generations. This honey has been placed to the side deemed unfit by most because of its raw and wild taste, but it is the richest presence of the Lord, the very sweetness of His Kingdom. Some of us have found this sweetness and won't give it up. It takes a bold company of prophets to grab something like locust and wild honey and make it your everyday meal. Many would consider this to be unhealthy, choosing rather to eat the so called "meat of the word," but isn't dominion and redemption a rich slice of meat? God has called us to eat up the very things that have stolen the harvest in past generations as a prophetic sign (Joel 2:23-27). Though at this point it seems this new revival is outside the temple gates and only in remote deserts, I believe that in the coming days there will be a great turning of nations because of this radical movement and a major portion of the body will come out to be apart. It will cause a crossing of the Jordan and the entering into the promise land.

Peter saw some Wild Things on a Roof Top

Peter was a revolutionist that stepped out on a wild vision that he received from the Lord (Acts 10). Peter saw something in a vision that caused him to have a paradigm shift in his belief system about what the Lord considered lawful. As a result of following what he saw God used him to open a new harvest field for the Kingdom.  Right now there is a fresh vision for the harvest that the Lord has released on this generation. This trance realm has revealed a new wave of prophetic evangelism leaving behind some traditional methods from the past. It may cause some current controversy, but in the end the fruit will speak for its self. Just as Peter was brought before the counsel at Jerusalem and vindicated for his dealings with the Gentiles (Acts 11) so will there be a vindication and embracing in the days ahead by major leaders within the body concerning this new movement. They will place their seal of approval upon this new stream as a means to reach a harvest that has never been opened before. We are living in exciting times.

David Hid in a Wild Place with some Wild Guys

David was the chosen of the Lord, but because he chose not to conform to the traditions of men he was driven out and forced to make his home in the mountain of the wild goats (1 Sam. 24:2). He was made the leader of some of the craziest characters Israel had ever seen. These men where fierce warriors loyal to David, but felt that he was making a mistake by not taking Saul's life when he had the chance. If David had not been a seasoned leader he might have taken the advice of many of his friends and lashed out at Saul, taking his life. David had the heart of God and when he cut the garment of Saul his heart was smote with conviction because he had touched the anointed of the Lord. Let us not forget the Anointing and the Glory are two different things. Saul lost the Glory because of compromise, but because of his call he still could walk in the anointing. Some have become frustrated with the Saul's that are running the Kingdom. They have chosen  to lash out and counter his attacks. I believe this is a mistake. Let us have the heart of David in every situation and keeping love and unity in focus. It is far better to stay in the caves and mountains then to cause discord and strife among the body. I believe that David could see this. What would it have gained him by taking Saul's life? He still would have had to convince those that followed Saul that he was the rightful king. He chose rather to stay in the mountains and continued to train those that where sent to him. I believe this is true wisdom from above (James 3:17). Although the caves and mountains aren't an ideal place for living conditions they do make for a great training ground for an army.

We are all Wild at Heart

The truth is that we are all wild. We have all been grafted into this glorious Kingdom, being called a wild olive branch (Rom. 11:17). Some may try to keep Christianity as seeker sensitive as possible, and will always fail because within every believer there is a longing for the supernatural. There is a call to go deeper into the glory and to explore the mystery of the Kingdom (Col. 1:27). So as we have come to such a land marking time in history let us embrace what we are called to be, wild at Heart.

Blessings in Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp