Brasilia, Brazil November 2009 -Brazil Ablaze

Dear Friends and Partners I truly believe that we are living in the days of the showers of heaven, and a mighty revival is being poured out on this last day generation. Recently we had the opportunity to be in the nation of Brazil where there is a great stirring for the outpouring of God and a new movement is arising. There was much anticipation as we started the meetings for something fresh from the Lord. We were asked to speak in several different churches through out the week in Brasilia. Everyday brought a greater impartation of the kingdom as we corporately pressed into the realm of glory, contending to see miracles, signs and wonders. Words can not describe the out break of the miraculous that took place each and every night that we gathered. The deaf heard and the lame were given strength. Many miracles took place it was even hard to keep up with the testimonies as they poured in. One very special miracle that took place while we were in Brasilia was a creative miracle where a lady's foot grew out 3 cm or 1.5 inches. This very special miracle speaks of the creative power of God's glory and what can take place in an atmosphere of the supernatural. A great impartation for the supernatural was deposited to sons and daughters of God in this nation. Many youth came to the Lord and were set on fire. Trances, visions and out breaks of joy were poured out in excess as we entered into the third heaven revelation. This movement has gone past one ministry or denomination as many that attended the Ablaze meetings were so impacted that we are currently receiving reports of healing and miracles taking place from our team members there in Brazil. We are fully convinced that we will see an outpouring of great proportion as we look forward to our May 2010 Brazil Ablaze Crusade.

In Christ

Charles and Brynn Shamp