Doctor Verified Miracles from Ireland


Dear Partners and Friends, It's hard to believe that we have now entered into our third month of the Kingdom Invasion UK and European tour. We are only days away from heading to France for twelve days of miracles and glory. So much has happened over the past few months that I believe we could write a book. To say that it has been an adventure in Christ would be an understatement! I wanted to send you a few testimonies from our recent time in Ireland. I believe these will greatly bless you as you read the goodness of God straight from those who God has healed. There were many miracles during our time there, but what I find so wonderful about these is that they are all doctor verified. We also want to thank you for your tremendous support both in prayer as well as those of you who have been able to sow love offerings into the ministry. We are truly grateful for all your support and we could not do this without you! Please take a few moments and read these wonderful testimonies and know that they have been added to your account in heaven.

Blessings in Christ, Charlie and Brynn

"Hello Charlie,

On Thursday night my daughter and I went up to the healing night. When the prayer team was up the front I asked her to go up to one of the prayer team members, but she didn't want to she wanted to go to Charlie. She didn't know what she wanted prayer for, but she wanted him to pray for her. He knew that she was 13 and that her birthday was in August. He prayed with her for a little while and then he said that he had been given a word that she had pulled something in her right leg in the last year and that although it had healed it hurt her some times when she moved it in a certain way. My daughter trains between 10 and 12 hours a week at trampolining and gymnastics and often when she would land out of a move her ankle would feel week and the pain would shoot up her leg. Charlie prayed for her and the pain was less so he prayed again and the pain had gone. She trained the following night for 2 hours and on the Saturday for 8, and again on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and has been free of pain completely. God has completely healed her through the prayer she received that night!"

"Hello Charlie,

Just to let you know that the young girl you prayed for with the broken leg in the cast went to the doctor for an X-ray today and its completely healed. There is no sign of any break on the X-ray she had today. Doc said he couldn't see any damage to the bone and it's been broken 3 times before.

A lady was told she had diabetes last week as she had blood tests done. She got prayer from Pastor Roly and Susan and went back in for more this week to see what drugs to put her on and there is no sign of diabetes in her blood. Doc said they must have misread the first blood test."

"Hi Charlie,

You prayed with me last Saturday (23 May) in Redcross for growths on my ovaries. I was a bit hesitant going up for prayer, because I thought it had been dealt with medically, forgetting that the doc confessed that she couldn't deal with all of it. Today, I went back for my follow-up appt and she couldn't make any sense of what she saw on the scan ... and spent ages trying to figure it out! She wants to see me again in 3 months, just in case, but as far as she can see, I'm fine!! So God is good ... amen!!"