Greater Glory- August 2010

Dear Friends and Partners, There is power in agreement and the Bible makes it very clear in Psalms 133 that God commands a blessing on the corporate body that is in unity. This has been burning in my heart for the past few months, to see the body rise and work as one.

While many are attempting to build their own kingdoms there is a remnant of people that are looking beyond what they can do on their own. These are only looking to advance His Kingdom in the world.  As many of you know we have recently moved to the middle Tennessee area because we believe that God is pouring out His Spirit in a fresh and new way here.

Last month I was given the chance to speak during one of the Greater Glory Gatherings at the GFM World Miracle Center. It was a powerful time as God healed several people. A woman who had arthritis in her back was healed by the power of God. Many people where over come by joy as they were filled with a fresh touch of the Spirit. God is truly building something powerful here and we are excited to be a part of it. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Blessings in Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp