Massachusetts Miracles- April 2010

Dear Friends and Partners, The month of March was an exciting month of miracles, signs and wonders. I traveled to the state of Massachusetts with a dear friend of mine Munday Martin (Contagious Love International). Right from the moment we stepped onto the plane to fly into Boston the glory of God was resting on us.

That night we found ourselves in a meeting in Cape Cod with about forty people crammed into a house. They were hungry for God to move in the Cape and God did not disappoint. Several words of knowledge were released and many received their healings.

One notable miracle that took place was a lady who had a right foot that was shorter then her left. After receiving prayer, God began to grow out her leg. Excitement hit the place as many saw with their own eyes as it began to grow. This miracle lead to a total bliss bomb being released in the house as bodies began to hit the floor. This was truly a great start to a wild weekend in the glory.

Saturday night we ministered in Boston at a church that was hosting Munday. Munday preached a powerful word on the grace and love of Christ. As he ended his preaching he had me come to the front and share a few moments. We then began to pray for the hungry people that had come forward to receive a fresh touch of the Holy Ghost. Many were healed by the power of God as words of knowledge where given. A ladies jaw was healed after she received prayer. Pain in several people's backs left after the power was released. Munday had a word about a collapsed lung that God was healing and a lady came forward and testified of God's power touching her lung. The people where truly blessed as the glory of God flooded their hearts.

Here at Destiny Encounters we have been pressing in to see more of God's signs and wonders. On Saturday night God blew our minds as a ladies' head was covered in blue sapphire dust. God is so good. He is continually shattering my ideas of what we can see happen in the meetings when we release the Glory.

Sunday morning I was privileged to share a word with the hungry youth of this Church. God had downloaded me with a word for them. After sharing for about half an hour I felt a shift in the atmosphere and began to call a few of them out and prophesy over their lives. Several of the youth were deeply touched by the power of God and began to cry. I shared some words of knowledge that God had given me and almost immediately they responded and were healed. Two girls with knee problems and another girl with buzzing in the right ear where healed by the power of God.

We are so excited about what God is doing in this generation. There is an emerging company of believers that are feasting on the finished works of Christ and true freedom is being embraced for a fresh move of the Spirit. Tap into what is on the inside of you today and let it spill out on the world around you.

Blessings in Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp