Nashville, TN June 2009 -Miracle Gathering

Dear Friends and Partners, Thank you for your continual prayer and financial support. Recently we were in the state of Tennessee for a week of revival and renewal meetings. These gatherings where marked by many miracles and healing. God directed us to go to a city right outside of Nashville to see a move of the Spirit and a harvest of souls. We were told by some that this ground was far to hard to receive seed and people would not be touched by the move of the Holy Spirit. My team and I began to pray and intercede on behalf of this community and were lead to go out on the streets two days before the meetings were to begin. We started to meet the people of this neighborhood and see salvations and many healed right within their very homes.

It was truly amazing to see as the Spirit began to manifest in many lives. Several received miracles as well as salvation. The people were receptive and hungry for a true move of God with signs and wonders. We found that the people where fed up with religion and tradition and wanted much more than what was being offered to them. A powerful word was released to the people through the preaching of the gospel, that challenged their hearts to change and make a decision on what they truly believed about the supernatural Word of God. Backs where healed, legs where given strength, people threw away their canes. We believe that in a short time great things are to come in the middle Tennessee area. We have started a Friday night gathering to equip believers that are hungry to see a greater dimension of the Spirit and Word in their lives. If you live in the middle Tennessee area contact us for more information on these gatherings.

In Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp