Newsletter July 2011- Miracle Mission Haiti

Dear Friends and Partners of Revival, During the month of June, God opened a massive door to Haiti that allowed us to minister a word that we believe will help accelerate change in the nation. Over the course of five days we were able to reach out and minister to so many hurting and needy people.

Many miracles took place. So many in fact that it would be hard to discuss everyone in detail, but over the next few months we will continue to put up videos of Haiti, as well as, Brazil. There is simply an overwhelming amount of film footage of God’s glorious power, setting people free from a variety of sicknesses that it is taking some time to get through it all.

One miracle that I really want to share with you took place on the final night. The Friday night service was attended by thousands and aired live over the radio to nearly three million people across the island! People literally came from all over Port Au Prince to hear the message of Jesus Christ. Many who were sick were brought on mats and laid outside the tent, believing for their healing. One boy was brought that was unable to walk. When the doctors examined him, they had given him only three weeks to live. As the power of God was released during the preaching he jumped to his feet and was instantly healed! God is so amazing! Several others came to testify as God’s healing power swept through the crowd! Tumors were dissolved, shoulders were healed, cataracts melted off of eyes and many people received deliverance from demon possession. God truly revealed His nature once again and we are so thankful!

I also wanted to talk to you about something that deeply moved my heart as well as our team’s heart here at Destiny Encounters. While in Haiti we were able to provide food for many starving and hurting families as we conducted an outreach on Friday afternoon. In all the years that I have personally traveled the nations, I have never encountered such gross poverty. It was simply overwhelming to see. Yet where gross darkness is- so much more the light of Christ shines. I continue to thank God for all of the support from our Key Partners that helped us to provide hundreds of dollars of rice, corn, and oil to feed the poor. As our truck approached to deliver relief and help you could feel the glory of the Lord and the light of God breaking in. We were greeted with smiles and joy as we shared the simple message of the Kingdom and prayed for the healing of many people. The distribution of the food got very chaotic as people felt that there would not be enough food to meet the need, but God is so good to us and everyone received exactly enough food. The truth is that through your giving and support we were able to keep people alive and for that we truly thank you!

There is so much work to be done across the earth. We are constantly receiving invitations to minister the gospel in the nations. We are looking into reaching out to the nations in a greater way than ever before next year. Both Haiti and Nepal have asked us to come in 2012, to hold mass crusades that would shake the nations in a way that has never been done! We are looking for partners to help come along side of us to reap this harvest. If you are interested in becoming a monthly partner please contact us at . We would love to speak to you! We so love and appreciate all of you. Thank you again for all of your support and prayers!

Blessings in Christ,

Charlie and Brynn Shamp