Newsletter June 2011- Brazil Ablaze

Dear Partners and Friends of Revival, Sitting here, reflecting on all that has taken place this past month simply blows me away! This year's Brazil Ablaze was far different and greater then I could have ever hoped for. We made it our main focus for this year's trip to do power and glory encounters on the streets. We really wanted to see Jesus invade the market places in Brazil and God did not disappoint.

I must tell you from my heart that nothing could compare to the sheer force and power of heaven we saw hit the streets this year. It was so powerful that we felt as though the Lord was saying, "where ever you light the fuse, I'm going to blow the place up."

The first night we arrived we went straight for the streets preaching at a mall that was holding a dance party. Within minutes of us being there crowds begin to gather to hear the message of the cross and receive healing. At one point the glory of God was so strong that forty kids gave their lives to Jesus in one corporate prayer and this was only the first night. Things like this took place every time we went out. There were people from all walks of life that were impacted by the demonstration of the Gospel and their lives will never be the same.

We did take some time to preach in the churches around Brasilia and saw great miracles and powerful manifestations among the people. On the Saturday night impartation service around two hundred youth answered an alter call to take the Fire of God to the nations. The power of God hit the place so strong that nearly two hours after the service was over they had to carry some of the kids out of the church; they were so lost in the realms of glory.

All the services were packed full of miracles and manifestations throughout the week. One particular manifestation that took place was a diamond appeared at my feet during a gathering where we were worshiping and releasing the high praises of God. I love it when things like gems and diamonds begin to manifest because it speaks of the majesty and glory of the Kingdom. We continued to see other awesome manifestations throughout the week such as angel feathers and gold dust that covered chairs in one gathering. God truly revealed His majesty this year in Brazil and we are extremely grateful.

There were so many awesome miracles and manifestations that took place while we were there, it would be impossible to share every single one in this newsletter. So we have decided to release a podcast later this month entitled "The Go of the Gospel" where I will share many of the wild stories from our time in Brazil this year. We will also be releasing many videos through our YouTube channel as well-so stay tune for that. We want to thank everyone for their prayers and support on this year's Brazil Ablaze. It is through our partnership together that we are able to reap the harvest in the nations of the earth! Thank you and we pray God continue to pour out His blessings in your lives.

Upon arriving back in the states we geared up for our Bliss and Fire Tennessee weekend with Rob and Millie Radosti. This was an awesome time as the glory of heaven invaded every gathering. There was a real release of the spirit of wisdom and revelation during these meetings as God revealed key revelation concerning our position in Christ. Many wonderful miracles took place over the weekend as well as some manifestations of gold teeth. God is so fun. He simply continues to blow my mind. We are excited about what the future holds for this ministry as God is faithfully opening many new doors in this season.

Next month we are heading to the nation of Haiti for four days of miracle and outreach meetings. We are anticipating a great outpouring of God's power during our time there through evangelism services as well as a feeding of many people still affected by the earth quake. Take some time and click on the link below to see what God has shown us concerning this nation and how you can be a part. Please continue to keep us in prayer over this next month as we once again venture into the nations to bring the saving, healing, and delivering power of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting generation.

Blessings in Christ,

Charlie and Brynn Shamp