Power of the Prophetic Decree: Doctor verified Cancer Healing


Dear Destiny Encouters, I along with my Spiritual mom and dad made plans to attend a recent conference "Miracles in the Glory" in Mefreesboro, TN, but my spiritual mother received new that she had cancer the Monday before the miracle meetings. They scheduled her for surgery that Friday so we were unable to attend which made us so terribly upset. She prayed prayed and told the Lord that there was no distance in Him and asked the Lord to move nightly on her behalf. On Friday she went in for surgery and they removed a lot of lymph nodes to have them tested because they believed it had spread to this area of her body. That same night Brother Charlie called her out prophetically in the meeting stating that there was a woman who had recently been diagnosed with Cancer and that she would be healed that night. On Wednesday she went in to the doctors for a follow up report and they told her that the Cancer was COMPLETELY GONE! God bless you Brother Charlie and Sister Brynn you are a blessing to us. Now my Spiritual mother can continue in her calling as an evangelist spreading the gospel for the glory of God. She is the founder of Chosen Vessel Church Inc.

Sencerly, Sister Deanna