Tennessee Ordinaton- July 2010

Dear Friends and Partners, America is truly on the verge of its third great awakening and the power of God is going to be seen in this time as never before. There are so many wonderful things taking place as God is opening significant doors for the ministry. In June we were officially ordained by Jeff Jansen and Global Fire Ministries.

The ordination was a powerful time of impartation but also a coming into association with GFM. We truly believe in accountability in ministry and the importance of having spiritual leaders speak into our lives.

With that said, Jeff has been a powerful prophetic voice and a spiritual father that has consistently spoken into our lives and after several significant dreams from the Lord we know that he and GFM is the right covering for Destiny Encounters. This is truly a time of great transition for us as we are relocating to the middle Tennessee area in the month of July.

God is doing mighty things in the middle Tennessee area and several prophets have been declaring for years that a great move of God will take place in this region. After the recent events with our ordination we felt very strongly that it was time to make the move and position ourselves for what is coming. Bob Jones has prophetically declared that the giant is waking up and His right foot is positioned in the middle Tennessee area and great faith is about to come out of this region. We are excited about what is ahead as we move into this new season of expansion in God.

Thank you for all your support and stay tune for upcoming events and ministry updates. Also be sure to check out the word for this month on faith, it will translate you to another place in your walk with God.

Blessings in Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp