I have known Charlie Shamp since he was a teenager. With great honor and respect, I endorse and back and bless what Charlie Shamp is doing. I have visited some of his works and I am pleased. I, David L. Hogan and Freedom Ministries, and Mexico, back him and his family and what he is doing around the world, in the name of Jesus.

— David L. Hogan

Founder, Freedom Ministries


The Shamp family carries a torch of effective power ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. Charlie is wonderfully gifted, called and trained as a Voice of the Lord in his generation. Charlie and his wife, Brynn, have a love for God, His Word and His people and desire to see the captives set free. It is my joy to commend to you, Destiny Encounters International as a ministry set apart for the Great Harvest.

— James W. Goll

Founder, God Encounters Ministries
Franklin, Tennessee


It is with great delight that I can recommend to you the ministry of Charlie and Brynn Shamp. I first met them quite a few years ago by Word of Knowledge while ministering in Tennessee. Prompted by the Spirit, I prophesied over them and began speaking about the specific ministry assignment and mandate God had given them for the Nations, although the first-time I had ever met them was at the altar within that realm of Glory. The Lord has His eyes of favor and His hand of blessing upon their lives. What a joy it has been to watch them grow in the Lord and faithfully walk-out this calling. They carry the Spirit of Revival Glory and God has used the Shamps in a mighty way to release revival, outpouring and awakening in the hearts of people worldwide. They also move in a great ministry of Miracles, which is the seal and confirmation of the great faith they have in Christ. Every church would be blessed to have Charlie and Brynn minister as carriers and releasers of the new thing that God is doing today!

— Joshua Mills

Founder, New Wine International, Inc.
London, ON, Canada


It has been encouraging to me to watch the Lord raise up another younger generation of leaders that are not only hunger for the power of God, but also the integrity of God’s Word. Charlie Shamp is one such ministry. It has been wonderful to get to know Charlie and watch the Lord develop his character and hunger for the Holy Spirit. Charlie’s ministry is a genuine merger of the Word and Spirit that is producing manifestations of power and deliverance along with the revelation of God’s heart for this generation. Charlie’s interest in past revival movements and many of the leaders involved, has also helped develop a strong foundation of understanding and wisdom in stewarding what the Lord is doing today. I am personally looking forward to watching the Lord do great things through Charlie and Destiny Encounters, and I
know many will be blessed by their ministry and all that the Lord is doing through he and

— Paul Keith Davis

Founder, White Dove Ministries
Foley, Alabama


Charlie Shamp is one of the new revelatory revivalists on the scene.  I’ve personally witnessed many incredible miracles and healing’s in Charlie’s meetings along with a rich flow of word of Knowledge. Not only does Charlie move in the gifts of the Spirit, but he has an incredible integrity as well. I fully recommend and endorse his ministry.

— Jeff Jansen

Global Fire Ministries International
Senior Pastor Global Fire Church & World Miracle Center
Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Three greatest traits in a man who loves Jesus- Hunger, Holiness & Honor. Being in ministry for 28 years, I have seen that these traits are very rare. I have seen these three abundant in Charlie Shamp. Caught by the Holy Spirit at a young age, his pursuit to know Jesus and make Jesus known to the world is contagious. His desire to make Jesus famous is causing him to do great exploits for God. I can see the Strong Hand of God on Charlie Shamp, using him to win souls, see signs and wonders and awesome creative healings. Hallelujah! This ministry was surely set to raise a generation of new breed believers who will take a journey into Jesus and pull out everything the Lord Jesus has to bless the world. All I say is, ‘A wise son makes a glad Father. Press on my son. Heaven is backing you and we are backing you.’ The best is yet to come.

Evangelist P.S. Rambabu

Senior Pastor, New Creation Ministries
Bangalore, India


Charlie and Brynn Shamp are authentic, passionate, and dedicated ministers of revival. I am grateful for their devotion and love for the Lord, His people and the lost.

— Dr. Patricia King

Founder, Patricia King Ministries
Co-Founder, XPMedia.com
Maricopa, Arizona



Charlie Shamp is one of the most authentic supernatural ministries on the Earth today. What Charlie carries in God is raw spiritual dynamite, raising the standard of prophetic insight, and also demonstrating undeniable power ministry for this generation. With his inspirational wife Brynn, together they are pioneers of a new, better world, touching multitudes of souls, awakening destiny and bringing hope. I heartily recommend them to you as forerunners of the future now.

— Justin Paul Abraham

Founder, Company of Burning Hearts
Cardiff, Wales


Together Charlie and Brynn Shamp carry a world impacting prophetic revivalist mantle that is truly shaping the nations. The outstanding and unusual miracles that accompany their ministry confirms that they are hearing from heaven and speaking on behalf of the very Council of God. Consistently bringing accurate international prophetic decrees in our ever-changing world affirm that God has indeed raised up this powerful couple to stand in the gap for such a time as this.

— Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale

Authors and Speakers of The Divinity Code Series
Adelaide, Australia


Charlie and Brynn Shamp exude the power, revelation and integrity of the Kingdom of God. Their ministry – Destiny Encounters – is an out of the box, power packed ministry that will bring personal and corporate breakthrough to you, your church and organization. It’s an honor to recommend Charlie, Brynn and Destiny Encounters to you.

— Darren Stott

Pastor, Seattle Revival Center
Founder, Supernaturalist Ministries
Seattle, Washington


I’ve discovered that just when I’m REALLY wanting to know what is on God’s heart FOR SURE, on a number of occasions there was Charlie Shamp, prophesying as if He had visited the Throne Room of the Lord. A gift to the Body of Christ!

— Steve Shultz

Founder, The Elijah List
Albany, Oregon


We need great discernment at this hour in the church. I have known and ministered with Charlie Shamp many times and can attest to the integrity of his walk with the Lord. Charlie and Brynn Shamp are emerging leaders within the Body of Christ who carry the power and anointing of God upon their lives and ministry. If you want to see legitimate healings, miracles, signs and wonders invite Charlie and Brynn. I highly recommend Destiny Encounters International.

— Kevin Basconi

Founder, King of Glory Ministries International
Moravian Falls, North Carolina


I have had the privilege of meeting a great Man of God- Charlie Shamp. I remember the first time I heard him speak. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and my approach was very cautious. However, as the service progressed caution turned into respect. I saw the great love he has for God and that is what we are after. Since then I have gotten to know him better amd I am glad to be connected to this Man of God, because I am convinced that mighty things are going to be done by Him- especially when it comes to the Supernatural.

— Kubos Van Rensburg Jnr.

Senior Pastor, Spirit Word Ministries
Stilfontein, South Africa


I am very impressed with the ministry of Charlie Shamp! He has a real solid foundation of the Word of God and also is plunging into the realms of the Spirit with great boldness and joy. He is a great example of the new pioneers that God is raising up in this hour. He lives a life of love and joy in Christ and then steps into a ministry of signs and wonders and gives God the praise. This the kind of ministry the world so desperately needs today!

— Rich and Linda Brink

GCSSM Pastors
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Dear Friends, It is with great pleasure to recommend Charlie and Brynn Shamp to you for the service of the Lord. The Living Word International Church has experienced the powerful ministry of Charlie and Brynn Shamp. Therefore, I fully endorse and recommend the ministry of Charlie and Brynn Shamp. They carry a high level of prophetic gifting, as well as a strong healing anointing. Both Charlie and Brynn regularly see the manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders in their meetings. Their heart’s desire is to see the body of Christ come into a place of true intimacy with Jesus and encounter the power of the most High God. I wholeheartedly recommend their ministry for any conference, or church event and believe that there will be a tremendous deposit of the glory of God everywhere they minister.

— Bishop George O. Adebanjo, Th.D

Living Word International Church COGIC
Prelate, Pakistan Jurisdiction
Nashville, Tennessee


I have personally known Charlie Shamp since 2000! I remember first meeting him in Nashville, TN and God showed me incredible destiny on his life for winning souls to Christ. Not only is Charlie Shamp my best friend, but I personally know he unashamedly lives, eats, breathes, and flawlessly preaches the message of grace and our great salvation better than many I know today. He understands our Heavenly identity in Christ, and will be used as a catalyst in this generation to bring a reformation in many streams in the body of Christ. This reformation he will lead will help melt the cold wax of “works based self efforts” and religious ideologies that have distracted far too many for too long from the simple gospel message. Healings and incredible signs and wonders also accompany his preaching in churches, the streets, and the nations! I highly endorse my friend to you! You will be greatly enriched by the value, integrity, and uncompromising stance in the word of God in him and his entire family!

— Munday Martin

Founder, Contagious Love International
Nashville, Tennessee


If you need Revival, the Fire of God, the Heavy Weighty Glory, Joy of the Lord, Powerful Healing & Miracle Breakthroughs, the Word preached in Grace & Truth, then you need to bring Charlie into your area! He is for Real, and carries & understands how to release Heaven on the earth. I fully endorse him as a MAN OF GOD, & a true REVIVALIST for this generation!

— Pastor Donald Schluter

Senior Pastor, New Horizons Community Church
Marion, Illinois


Charlie Shamp has ministered at Valley Harvest Church several times. His preaching and ministry have always been very timely to the season we have been in. Our congregation enjoys Charlie’s energetic style of preaching mixed with humor and deep revelation. Charlie has an excellent gift of faith as is seen when he ministers to people. I highly recommend Charlie.

— Pastor Torrez

Senior Pastor, Valley Harvest Church
Neenah, Wisconsin