Supreme Justice for America (Prophetic Word Comes to Pass): Prophet Charlie Shamp

Today as I was in prayer for the nation of America I was shown a shift taking place in the Supreme Court of the United States. I saw the reign of one from California will come to an end and another will take their place. I heard the Lord say, "I am raining my righteousness upon the highest court in this land. I will reverse the curse and judgement placed upon my people and release justice and truth from the highest seat in this nation. I have chosen who sits in the seat of power in your country and I will also choose those who will set in the seat of justice in your land. I will set one like Samuel to rule in righteousness, one who carries conviction for truth and puts my laws in practice. I will set your house of justice in order to reverse the judgements placed upon your country by the will of men. For I formed this great nation out of the palm of my hand to be a beacon of hope and a light for all nations to see. Satan would have sifted you as wheat, but there was one, a woman who stood in the gap for you American; my bride. She would not let go of me although she felt barren inside. She cried out like Hannah to me for my Son and I am answering her great cry and call with a great awakening that is about to fall. An outpouring that will sweep the land and bring sleeping liberty back from the dead. A resurrection of morals and holiness will be seen again, a love for God and county will begin. My Kingdom will shine through these fifty Stars and Stripes to show the nations of the earth my great light. I will replace the false laws that have been placed in this land and remove the hate and bloodshed perpetrated by demonically inspired men. My sentence and judgement will be conveyed through those I am about to put into place and it will not be changed. I have chosen mercy for America, she will rise again to be a great nation that carries my conviction and I will remove the stains of sin. Redemption and Restoration will be your portion and reward for I have rebuked the devourer for your sakes. You will flourish and prosper you once again. Judgement and destruction will pass over your house for the prayers of the righteous will rewrite the laws of the land. I will come and sign them with my own hand. My people will see a great sight in the senate and in the house as legislation that carries my convictions and purposes are set in place. Get ready America for God's amazing grace to be put on display!" 
-Prophet Charlie Shamp