Scotland, You will be Anointed with Fresh Oil: Prophet Charlie Shamp

I was taken in the spirit recently to the United Kingdom and saw a great divide come between the land. I saw in the realm of the spirit, boundary markers were set in stone from East to West, dividing England from Scotland. Questions came crashing down like lighting from the sky. “Will the Unicorn consent to serve you? Will it stay by your manger at night? Can you hold it to the furrow with a harness? Will it till the valleys behind you? Will you rely on it for its' great strength? Will you leave your heavy work to it? Can you trust it to haul in your grain and bring it to your threshing floor?” 

Suddenly I heard, “God brought them out; they have as it were the strength of an unicorn.” I saw a field that was fully plowed and seeds of liberty set deep in the soil beginning to bloom. I heard the Lord say, “The seeds have been laid and the future is set in stone, Scotland will be independent and stand on its own.” I saw the words INDEPENDENCE imprinted across the Scottish flag blowing in the wind. In the wind was a voice that spoke, “But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: Scotland shall be anointed with fresh oil!” 

God is allowing Scotland to forge its own independent future with Him and is anointing its decision to be free. Many will ask, “Has God given the horse strength? Has He clothed his neck with thunder? Has He raised up the poor out of the dust, and lifted up this beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes? Has He caused them to inherit the throne of glory? Has He made them to be a pillar in the earth? The Lord boldly declares, “YES!” For he has visited this people, redeemed them. He has raised up a strong horn of freedom in the land. From the north He set a seed of liberty in the people’s hearts generations ago. A woman with the strength of Hannah, although barren will give birth to a child that will be born free. The child will grow in strength and He will make the horn of the unicorn to bud and bloom. For the the Lord would say to Scotland, “I have ordained you as a lamp among mine anointed and you will be exalted in due season. Your nation will flourish and bloom with blessings, have no fear of the future your freedom draws near.” 

Prophet Charlie Shamp