Kamala Harris: A Star Will Rise

I was praying and suddenly I found myself in the Spirit looking for what was to come. In my eyes I could see the state of California and a rising star. I heard the Lord say, “behold the woman that will rise from the West!” I look to see a light skinned black woman standing before me with authority poised to take political power. It was Kamala Harris, she will rise from California as a bright star in the coming days. The Lord said unto me, “She has been hand picked by some in power as a queen to trump President Trump in 2020. This is their hidden vision that has yet to unfold. They will use her to grab the hearts of people in the nation and attempt to create momentum and build a political bridge from the east to the west. They will set her on a course to make major waves in the country for a time. Her eyes will be opened and her heart will be changed when she sees that they have played her as a pawn in a political game only to put forth a rook in an attempt to upset a king, in the end this plan will fail. She will be broken as a result of this reality, through this I will show her my mercy and teach her about true justice. Her political future will be hung in the balance and I will present her with a choice to choose a difficult road. One that will build bridges across enemy lines and forge friendships from common political rivals, she is my bridge builder. I will use her to build new political alliances that help those in need in the nation. Where she was once hated by some she will be seen as a trusted ally and praised as she brings justice to the poor of the country. My destiny for her life is that she fulfill the promise that she made to her mother when she was young. If she chooses I will lead her down this difficult path to seal the legacy of her father and mother. In the end she will be remembered for the advancement of civil rights and economic justice among Americans.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp