Terrorist Attack in the United Kingdom

I want us to hold the nation of England in our hearts and prayers at this time. Last night after several hours of prayer I went to sleep and found myself in a dream. In the dream I was brought to a large warehouse where men where planning another terrorist attack on the United Kingdom. From the details of the dream it seemed to be a very intricate plot. As I sat and watched this scene play out a woman emerged in the room. It was quite shocking to see this person as she would never be connected with such a hideous act, but I need to be faithful to release exactly what I was shown. I believe that the Lord was using her to represent something important about this attack. In the dream the country music singer Dolly Parton sat across the table from me as the leader of this terrorist plot. What she represented I believe we will need to pray into, but Parton is a name that came to England in the 11th century wave of migration. I felt it was important also to make note of her being in the dream since I’ve never listened to her music nor have I ever I had a dream where she was present. My love for the United Kingdom and the people has prompted me to release this word of warning for us to stand and pray. I know some will misunderstand my motives for releasing such a dream, but after so many hours of intercession last night where I felt a tremendous burden and then only to have been given this dream after I went to sleep I know the two are connected. God is signaling for watchmen to take their positions and stand in prayer for the nation of England and the whole of the United Kingdom. I believe if we stand and pray the plot will be foiled and found out.
-Prophet Charlie Shamp