Saudi Arabia and Yemen will be Changed: Prophet Charlie Shamp


The word of the Lord came into me saying, “A thousand years is as only a day and a day is as a thousand years to me. What many could never believe would happen will take place in a single moment in Saudi Arabia, for I am shifting the course of this country for good. This shift will take place suddenly, it will not be here a little and there a little. No, suddenly acceleration of freedom will come to the people. A shifting of power, an abdication of the throne will come to a son. This son will see me face to face and his heart will be changed. An encounter with my Son will lead his heart to find peace in the Middle East. I will make a promise to this prince that the wealth will never run dry and the blessings will never be erased from this place so long as he opens his gates to the prince of peace.” I saw in the realm of the Spirit the gates of Saudi Arabia open to the world, people from around the world went to visit. The nation was seen by the world in a different light. I saw the glory of the Lord fill the country and churches sprang up in homes, hotels, hospitals and even several church buildings were built from the ground up. A river of healing flowed through the Kingdom of Saudi. This wilderness and desert rejoiced and blossomed as a rose. It blossomed with abundance and the people rejoiced with great joy and singing. The nation saw the glory of the Lord and the beauty of Christ. I heard the Lord say, “I will strengthen the weakened hands and the feeble knees of the saints in this country. Those who have had a fearful heart it’s your time to be strong, fear not, for Christ is coming with revival; he will come and save many by dreams and visions. The eyes of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped. The lame will leap, the dead will arise and the tongue of the mute will speak for in the wilderness a river of revival will break out, and streams of restoration in the desert will come.” I saw written in gold over the nation “Economic Transformation”, nothing will remain the same in the days ahead. A highway was built to a new blessed city where nations of the world met to discuss innovation and technologies of the future. The nation was transformed almost overnight, the old was gone for good! 

I was taken to the nation of Yemen where I saw tremendous devastation and destruction. The images too much to bear with my eyes, sadness filled my heart for the country as I began to pray. Suddenly I saw the war in Yemen came to an end and the journey of rebuilding began. Peace took the place of destruction. Development and infrastructure took the place of starvation. Laughter and happiness and normality took the place of the endless stories of sadness, destruction and death. The Yemenis people will see a brighter day in the future. The path to unification was, predictably, plagued by disagreements and setbacks, but there will be a turnaround in the days ahead and freedom will begin to spread. I saw the nation arise from death and beauty was restored once again.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp