From Florida comes one that will Shine: Prophet Charlie Shamp

I heard the Lord say, “Watch what I will do in the coming days in the state of Florida. Yes watch the election votes, but watch for someone great will begin to shine from the Sunshine state. A woman will arise from this place to bond the nation back together again. She will take her place and will fight to make America great. She will be strong and courageous to fight the battles, watch her closely for she carries a mantle of Justice and Righteousness upon her shoulders. She will carry a double portion of the anointing of Joseph and serve in the court of Pharaoh. She will advice and even Interpret the American Dream. She will not bent or even brake, but will bond, mend and restore. She will fight for America and bind up its wounds. Where there has been victimization in this nation there will be victory! In the days ahead she will stand and be strong. She will fight. She will win. She will be a part of making America great again!” 

-Prophet Charlie Shamp