A Window of Revival will Open over the 10/40 for God's Glory: Prophet Charlie Shamp


As I was in prayer I saw a major shift happen in the spirit realm over the region of McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala in Northern India. I looked to see the prince ruling spirit of witchcraft attempt to take flight in search for a new place to rest and possess, but he was bound and struck the ground like lightning. I was shown the surrounding region shaken with tremors in the earth as this major strong hold was broken. I saw across China, Tibet, India and Mongolia a great mourning and civil unrest began to take place.

I looked to see the body of Lhamo Dondrub (Dalai Lama) laying lifeless upon a bed, he was dead. A great cry went up from the earth into the second heavens to find a body, a boy, a reincarnated leader from the past. I then was taken into the interior of China where I saw a young boy who had vanished many years ago re-emerge and was released from captivity. I saw a news headline that read, The Panchen Lama has been Found.

I heard the Lord say, “The serpent will be bound for a time and season. Mark the moment, decree a fast, bind what has taken place in the past, prophesy to the captives that they are free at last. During that season call upon my people to pray and fast that although the Panchen Lama be found and released from captivity he will have no power to identify the chosen vessel set for the serpent to rest. And in that day I will open the window over the 10/40 for my glory to invade, as people fast and pray history will be made. Millions will turn to Christ and bow their knee, a harvest that will be unthinkable even unbelievable will be seen.”

-Prophet Charlie Shamp