Jael Arises in the Ukraine: Prophet Charlie Shamp


I saw the very first female president in the Slavic world come to power. She will be clothed with strength and dignity and will laugh at the challenging days to come. The nation will honor her for all that her hands will do to rebuild the economy and her works will bring her praise at the nation’s gate. 

When I looked upon her she carried a hammer in one hand and a bronze tent peg in the other. She came upon the wings of a white stork to challenge the spirit of communism and control that was invading her boarders. I heard the Lord say, “Yea, the stork in the heaven knows her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but many of my people will not know the hour of justice that I will bring to the Ukraine in the coming days.”

In her mouth was a sword of authority and it pierced the heart’s of her enemies. I heard the voice of the Lord say unto this woman, “Enlarge the site of your tent, stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, do not hold back. Lengthen your ropes and drive your stakes deep.” I saw that she was sent to rebuild the economy and bring stability to the country by divine commission from God. She stretched out the nation’s influence through trade and investments. She brought new industry and investors, the nation began to come back to life. I could see nations coming to the light of the country’s freedom and kings came to the brightness of its economic rising. 

I heard the Lord say, “Son, I have looked through the years of the past at this nation that has been forsaken and hated, so that no one went through nor invested and eventually the economy became stagnated. But I will make Ukraine a nation of economic excellency, a joy of many generations. For brass I will bring gold and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood I will give brass, and for stones I will replace with iron. I will cause unlimited resources to come out of the ground and be exported to foreign lands for great price. I will also make Ukraine’s future presidents to live in peace and the people will walk in righteousness. Violence will no more be heard in the land, wasting nor destruction will be seen within your borders; but you, Ukraine, will have walls called Salvation and your gates will be called Praise. 

For I say unto you Ukraine; yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land. And I will shake your nation, and the desire of all nations will come to you. Hear me this day, I will fill your house with glory! Yes, glory to Ukraine, but great glory is yet to be seen. The glory of this latter house will be much greater than of the former and in your nation will I give lasting peace.”

I could see the anointing of Jael upon this woman and two fierce warrior angels stood on each side of her. These angels had been assigned to the nation of Ukraine to bring liberty and freedom from Russian occupation. This was their specific assignment from the Father in heaven. I heard the Lord say, “Behold this woman for I will use her in the coming days. I will clothe her with my robe of righteousness and strengthen her with a belt of truth, and I will commit the government of Ukraine into her hand. I will drive her like a peg into the head of her enemies when they least expect it. For Ukraine will become a righteous throne of glory unto me. From her the tent peg will be nailed into a sure place, from this people the bow of battle will be bent, from Ukraine every president will be set and all of them together will live in freedom at last. This nation will be a peaceful pasture, a tent that does not wander; its tent pegs will not be pulled up nor will any of its cords be loosened. It’s boarders will not push back and it people will no longer be harassed. For I have put in her left hand the tent peg and in her right hand to the worker’s mallet. She will strike a blow, she will crush the head of Ukraine’s enemy, she will shatter pieces of the temple. The power of communism in Ukraine will fall, it will be laid still at her feet. She will take the peg and nail the coffin of communism closed in the nation of Ukraine for good. The past will be gone and a new day will dawn.” 

-Prophet Charlie Shamp