Justice must come for this Judge (Prophecy Now Full Filled): Prophet Charlie Shamp


As I prayed into the early morning hours I was given a vision of Judge Brett Kavanaugh being sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. The Lord spoke, “Son of man look upon this vision for it is my perfect will and will come to pass if my people rise up and pray. Just as the enemy has aborted unborn children for generations in your nation he longs to abort this man’s divine destiny through deceit. Leviathan has been unleashed to distort and destroy the reputation of this just man. This spirit’s objective is to continue to twist the truth and cause chaos in the country. Do not passively sit back and allow this moment in history to pass, but call my people to pray and fast. Arise and take up the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit, release a battle cry through intercession for your nation. Take hold of the sword and sever the head of this twisting serpent. Wage war in the spirit for justice to be done and you will see the victory for every unborn child in your country for generations to come.” 

-Prophet Charlie Shamp