I See a New Energy Source is Coming


While in prayer on May 29th at around 2:00pm central standard time I was taken into the spirit where I was shown a new cellular technology that creates and harnesses energy from the sun by splitting the light rays into a prism like spectrum creating a rainbow of colors. It separated each color spectrum into its own separate panel to create an overwhelmingly greater efficiency then any solar power we have ever seen. I saw that it would be able to power whole cities. It looked to be a massive prism which would concentrate light and create greater amounts of energy from the sun than we ever knew was possible. Also it took in and harnessed electricity from lightning and thunder storms so even when there was no sunlight it was still able to produce great amounts of power. It looked to be a giant pyramid with glass lenses covering it, but was an energy station that produced electricity for cities across the world. This will literally be the wave of the future. The Lord set a rainbow in both my hands and said, "I want to give this technology to my church for kingdom finances on the earth. Tell them to seek my face and I will set it in their hands."  -Prophet Charlie Shamp