Prophetic Kingdom Connectors: The Ezekiel Anointing is Rising!


God is raising up prophets in this hour that will carry the anointing to unite different Kingdom expressions in churches across cities that will in turn form into outpourings in regions. I can see the bones of different denominations and movements coming together in this hour to unite the body. I hear the Lord saying, "I'm raising up the Prophetic Kingdom Connectors, those who bring my broken body together. They will put every joint and bone into perfect place!" I believe we are in an hour where God is raising up prophetic voices to speak to the valley of dry bones and we will see the bones connect for a fresh move of God, the Ezekiel anointing is rising across the land. I hear the Lord saying, "I will cause the Ezekiel anointing to come and speak a word of unification. For I have set in my heart a move of the Spirit in the nations that will have many voices in many different cities with many different expressions, but the same Spirit. I will cause these prophets to decree and declare, Now the foot bones are connecting to the leg bone, the leg bone is connecting to the knee bone, and the knee bone is going to connect to the thigh bone. They will prophesy into disjointed Christian communities and they will suddenly come together in a spirit of unity and form a massive army to take regions for Christ and His Kingdom." -Prophet Charlie Shamp

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