Out of the South Comes a Violent Storm: Prophet Charlie Shamp


I was shown whirlwinds that swarmed across the southern half of the United States, a major tornado outbreak that hit with demonic devastation in the South. I heard the Lord say, “Out of the south comes the violent storm, and out of the north a cold wind will form. Behold I will be a refuge from this wind and a shelter from the storm. To those who call upon my name I have prepared a safe place away from the wild wind and the rain, a secret place. It was a wind that rent the mountains when my servant Elijah stood waiting to hear my voice. The wind brought great destruction, but Elijah knew that I was not in the wind. He waited for my still small voice and when he heard it he wrapped his face in his mantle to pray and listen for direction. Hear my voice this day my sons and daughters, look past the darkness of despair in this storm that is to come and see the path of restoration that I have set in the spirit for you; for all those who will call upon me. In the center of chaos I will do a undeniable miracle, in the midst of devastation I will bring revival. In the middle of this devilish wind of devastation I will send the Angel of the Lord to dismantle the spirit of Jezebel that has tried to control the southland through deception. The enemy will send his harassing wind, but I will send a reviving breathe and restore the beauty destroyed by these demonic winds. The storm was sent to destroy, but I will send my breathe to restore. I will unbuckle religion from the Bible Belt and drive it out of the land. I will put an end to the spirit of Jezebel that has controlled your children, your churches, and your leaders in government. I will move down your highway with holiness once again. Here the sound of the wings of the dove; for the sound will be of revival. The noise of the doves wings declares my presence and the news will spread of my coming. The Press will look and see what I will do in this place as people gather in my name to worship me. There will be restoration, signs and wonders will come as a sign of my redemption. It will be see on the television screen as people turn their lives to me!”

-Prophet Charlie Shamp