Australia, You will experience a double portion of Healing and Harvest (Prophetic Word Fulfilled)


Over the past few weeks as I've traveled and ministered in the nation of Australia I have repeatedly seen the number 22. During a day the number would pop up from the boarding gate of my flight to the very seat I sat in on the plane, it would appear even on the ordering number of a coffee I would be waiting on. The number seemed to pop up throughout the day at least 7 to 8 times without fail. If this happens once or twice one could pass it off as a random occurrence, but when the number is coming so repeatedly throughout a day you have to ask the question, "God are you trying to tell me something?" I took a day to do just that, to enquirer of the Lord what He was saying. While taking a walk along the Adelaide seafront I began to ask the Lord about this number 22. Suddenly I saw within my spirit a golden leaf come out of heaven, attached to the leaf was a white perl. I heard the Lord say, "I am releasing a double portion of Healing and Harvest upon the nation of Australia and I will make my people to eat of the golden leaves from Revelation 22." The Lord went on to tell me there will be two signs of this double portion blessing being released. First there will be a discovery of "golden leaves," gold in leaves! They will find this gold in leaves in unexpected places around the country. This will cause a incline in the price of gold and will lead to a second gold rush for the country. The economy will change and the recession will vanish. The Lord decrees over Australia, healing leaves for the nation's currency and economic healing for the markets of trade and commerce. The Lord says, "My people will eat the good of the land!" This will be the sign that the Lord has released a double portion of healing upon the nation. Second there will be a great influx of pearls harvested from the Indian Ocean and water spouts spotted in South Australia. This will will be a sign of a double portion of the harvest of souls coming to the land.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp