Hassan Rouhani: Iran Presidential Reelection Prophetic Word


I've seen in the spirit this morning that Hassan Rouhani will be reelected by a small margin in the Iranian election. What I find concerning is not his reelection, but two situations that will arise after. First I was shown that it will be discovered that Iran has been aiding President Assad in chemical warfare against the Syrian people. Secondly there will be lines crossed on the previous nuclear deal with the United States that will require the US administration to make several major and key decisions in how to move forward with negotiations in the nation. I see tensions will rise again much like they did during the Bush administration. We need to pray for wisdom and clarity to be given to the United States on how to handle what is to come. Also pray for right alignments and alliances to be made between the US and other Middle Eastern nations that would help to marginalized Iran's nuclear ambitions at this time.

I would also ask that we pray that the US and Israel alliance would be strengthened as it never has before. This will be the key to victory in the Middle East. As I have stated in last night's Prayer Shield broadcast I've seen Cyrus will conquer Persia. God has given to Cyrus an Iron scepter to subdue nations at this time, but it will take him strengthening his alliance with Israel to see this accomplished.

Prophet Charlie Shamp