Neil Young: The Harvest has Come


In June of 1971, Time Magazine published an article which spoke of a rumble of revival among hippies. A story of a sudden explosion of young people receiving Jesus on the West Coast. The front cover displayed a psychedelic Jesus declaring a revolution, the Jesus Revolution. By the following June, Life Magazine caught wind of what was happening to America's youth. The great Jesus Rally of Dallas, Texas had just taken place in the nation as 80,000 youth and young people gathered to pray and receive Christ as Lord and King. Christian Historians would later go on to label what happened during that time as the Jesus Movement. Many of today's Charismatic leaders would be saved during that revival and I've personally heard stories of amazing moments during that visitation. One of my spiritual fathers, Jeff Jansen, shared with me his personal experience when Lonnie Frisbee prayed for him in New York City. He said, "Charlie, I was struck by lightnings of God, my life was forever changed!" I've listened to James Goll's powerful testimony of that day in Dallas. He cried, telling his experience on that field; I wept as well, wondering if we would ever see another day like it again in America.

This past January, James stood in Pasadena, California and declared a West Coast Rumble that would shake from Tijuana, Mexico to Vancouver, B.C. and prophesied that it would start in San Diego with Jerame and Miranda Nelson. Just weeks later as Jerame and Joshua Mills were ministering in San Diego an Outpouring hit that is still continuing today. Nearly 1,200 miles way in Seattle, Washington sat Pastor Darren Stott, hungry to step into what God was doing. Seattle Revival Center was ripe for a rumble!

On a rainy Sunday morning, the 27th of February, the atmosphere in Seattle started to shake and has been rumbling with revival ever since. For Brynn and myself, it was amazing to be a part of the move of God there for five weeks. God did so many incredible miracles and wonders; for that we are eternally grateful. Darren has become a close friend of mine and we talk on a regular basis about revival and all that God is doing on the West Coast. It was late one night when he texted me if I would release a prophetic word for the New Year over the church. I prayed for several hours, but nothing came.

As I sat in a cozy armchair somewhere in the English countryside waiting on God, I was just about to get up when I saw him. Who, you might ask, did I see? Was it Jesus? No. It was Neil Young; I saw Neil Young. Upon seeing him I thought, “Come on Charlie, you need to focus.” I could have easily let this pass, yet because of my prophetic history with God I am acquainted with the quirky ways He speaks to me. So I waited to listen to see what He would say. Then God spoke and said, “Double Harvest for the Young another Jesus Movement has begun!”

I was highly intrigued by this word from the Lord, so I grabbed my phone and looked up Neil Young. Questions ran through my head; Was he still alive? Where did he live? What was this all about? Suddenly there it was. Neil Young with his most famous record, Harvest which was recorded in 1971, now resides in California at age 71 on a farm. I was shocked and even a bit caught off guard by this interesting prophetic word, Double 71. I began to pray again, "Lord what are you showing me?" He said, “Son, tell my people that Neil Young shall be a sign for the church in 2017 of Double Harvest for the Young; another Jesus Movement has begun.”

I suddenly realized that something will occur with Neil Young in the coming year, I believe possibly in the month of January or February that will preempt the releasing of another great Harvest on the West Coast. He will be the sign. Over the years I have learned to bounce prophetic words off of other Prophets that I am in relationships with to get the full council of God on a matter. Munday Martin, has always been a man who carries prophetic insight and someone that I have shared many things with to get his take on. In addition he is someone who had been intricately involved in the West Coast Rumble. I messaged him what I was shown, knowing for many years he had been praying into another Jesus Movement. With great excitement he confirmed to me that this January will mark fifty years to the date of the start of the Jesus Movement, a Jubilee year.

I believe we are set to see another massive shaking on the West Coast with a clear sign, possibly coming in the season of January/February with something connected with Neil Young. It will mark the release of Double Harvest for the Young. The Lord has been searching the land for a people that he can release a heart like David, a heart of Gold. There is about to be another gold rush in California, but this time God is mining for the hearts of men. The Lord says, He is about to touch the heart of Hollywood. In the mountains and in the city they will begin to see God in their dreams. In the night they will have God calling, singing; look around you. Has it found you? Is your dream what it seems? He will wake up those that are twenty four and they will realize there is so much more. There's a world they’re living in, no one can play their part. They are God's children in his wind and they’re about to breathe him in. Hollywood is about to be greatly impacted by a Kingdom Culture. I saw up-and-coming celebrities having massive encounters with Christ and confessing it before men. I saw Prophets sent to Hollywood parties and many turning to Christ as a result of the prophetic. God says, I'm about to crash the party! I saw a wave of glory hit Hollywood and crash celebrity's parties and we will hear testimonies of radical conversions to Christ. I saw rock stars that are heavily involved in the occult renouncing black magic and bowing their knee to Christ. Even Criss Angel is about see God touch his family and his life will be forever changed. God says, He will give him a great miracle that no man could give him, Heaven's hand is upon him.

In closing, I saw a great shaking coming to the West Coast. Another rumble, a quaking of the ground in the spirit as well in the natural. I saw that Los Angeles and Hollywood will feel the rumble very soon. Heaven's hand is coming upon the land and shaking things up.