Prayer Shield: Prophecy Italy Earthquake


This morning November 21, 2016 as I awoke from sleep I was shown a deviating earthquake that hit the nation of Italy.

There was a vast amount of destruction and my heart became so heavy with a burden to pray for the people of the nation. I then saw a scandal that was coming out of the Vatican in Rome that would shake the church. There will be a shock wave that will hit on two fronts, this is what I have seen. I'm calling for all our Prayer Shield intercessors to begin to take this to prayer and lift up the people of this great nation. When you take this to prayer as the Lord speaks to you about the situation please email us at We want to hear what the Lord is speaking to those that are connected with the Prayer Shield. I will be doing a live Prayer Shield on Wednesday to discuss what the Lord is saying.

The secret counsel of the LORD is for those who fear Him, and He reveals His covenant to them. Psalms 25:14

God Bless, Charlie Shamp