The Fading Freedom in Turkey


I see massive shifts coming in the nation of Turkey, these shifts will be irreversible. I've watched and prayed for the nation, but I could see no change in course, it is set. The wind is fixed and grave changes are to come. I could see a black cloud forming over the country, a total death to democracy is on its way. This death to democracy will sweep in almost over night. I see it coming in as a thief in the night robing the people of what they once held so dear, their voice.  It's time to pray and lift up our voices for the saints that are living in this land. Pray that the hand of the Lord will rest upon them and send protection to guard them from darkness that is at the door. We must pray that the Lord will keep them from destruction, pray protection for churches and Christians across the nation. I see a separation coming in the days ahead with Turkey from and the rest of Europe, the gate will be closed for good. There is a caliphate coming in the county, it is arising now before our eyes. There is much more chaos to come in the days ahead a strong break from freedom will cause Terrorism to take on a all time high. The president is moving to make the country his kingdom and dictate the direction and fate of the nation on his own. The people will be in favor of this because of the rise in terrorist attacks across the country, this will be a major mistake. The spirit of fear will cause them to make a rash desision and lose all freedom. This is what I have seen coming in the country. The Lord would now have us pray for those that are His, I see a seal of salvation coming upon them to protect from persecution and destruction. Please join with me in pray for Christians in Turkey that God would hide them in His hand in the coming days.  Prophet Charlie Shamp