The Prince of Peace Prevails at Berkeley


I can see a stirring of these words: demonstrations, protests, unrest and riots and they are resting over Berkeley California again. The enemy wants to create another situation of violence and anarchy, but the Lord will break in at the eleventh hour and dismantle the spirit of destruction. I can hear these words in heaven being decreed, "the breaker is come up before them and the riot has been broken for the prince of peace has passed through the gate of Berkeley and gone out by it." What the enemy intended for evil God will use for good. The spirit of peace will prevail over the situation and people will suddenly come into their right minds. The news will say, "we can report to you that peace has prevailed in spite of many calling for riots." Let's begin to pray for college campuses that God will invade them with the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to see revival touch our young people. Let's pray for people's minds to be sound and break any confusion the enemy might try to bring. Take time to release clarity and peace on the people, break the spirit of violence and lawlessness on college campuses. We decree and declare no harm will be done to people or property in Jesus name. We prophesy to the dry bones of the young people in America: You will be awakened and restored! You will live in revival and receive revelation! You will walk in holiness and rest in heaven's habitation in the mighty name of Jesus! Prophet Charles Shamp