The Russian Flood Gate


I had a very disturbing dream on February 9, 2017 where I was taken into the future and saw a violent rain storm and a flood that took place in Russia. I saw homes destroyed and people swept away by the the power of it. Right before my eyes as I was speaking to someone in Russian suddenly they were swept away by the rising waters.In the dream I saw a river rise and begin to flood, the river was called grassy branch. I could see a street sign from where I was standing along the road, the sign read crest land. The rain continued to pour down until everything was swept away. There were many search teams speaking in Russian and looking for those lost by the flood, but they had no success. I felt that it was quite tragedy for the country, as I awoke my heart was tremendously burdened over what I had seen. I have prayed many weeks over the situation and I believe through much prayer that the Grassy Branch could represent a secret branch of Russian Intelligence department and the Crest Land represents the Russian Coat of arms for the nation. As dreams often carry much symbolism I believe that the Lord revealed to me that there will be a natural disaster in the nation of Russia as a result of the flood of classified information that they have released against other nations. They have opened a door of disaster against themselves and a judgement will come for what they have done. Even as they have released a flood of secret classified information there will be a flood in the natural come in the land, I see the crest of a wave hitting the nation and flood waters rising. In a vision on March 19, 2017 I saw Saint Peter sinking and the Lord reaching out His hand to lift him up. I heard the Lord say I will rescue Saint Peter out of the waters and redeem him from destruction in the final moments. I believe one of the cities that will be affected by the flood is Saint Petersburg. Let us pray for the nation of Russia and its people at this time.

-Charlie Shamp