43,000 dollar debt cancelation


Dear Brother Charlie, This is the letter that we received after you spoke a word to me at New Day Asheboro. You said things to me that were very specific this way I would not question what you were saying by The Lord. No one could know the things you said to me nor that The Lord had a strategic plan we were all unaware of. You were correct and we about hit the floor, but thank God we prayed. I had a peace about it, but it was like the sword of Damocles hanging over us, my husband especially so we proceeded with appeal. Then my husband just decided to call them about 3 days before Christmas, which was not too jolly. They said, "Oh Mr ----, you don't owe a thing. You will receive a letter regarding this."

I know it's a done deal! God cancelled this debt, but He spoke to my heart and said this is only the start...so Hallelujah! Thank you for such a word you gave, that I knew it was God. There could have been no doubt by the small things you mentioned that my heart only knew.

God Bless, Sharon