Amazing Brain Cancer Miracle


Incredible Miracle Testimony!!! Hello Pastor Charlie Shamp Our uncle Peterson was diagnosed with brain cancer December 2016. As a result of the cancer he lost his speech and could not walk without support. He became got so depressed, but one night during your trip to Bahrain this 2017 things changed. When you preached on Faith you told us that we could believe for healing for someone who was not in the meeting. I brought the picture on my phone and you laid hands on the pic and prayed. To God be the glory the next day he started talking again and walking too, he knew that was God. He got born again and gained hope that he would beat the cancer. Doctors had given up on him and told him to go to India, but during the passport process that's when his healing came and he declined to go to India. He has been going for check ups and on exact June 1, 2017 the doctor said they cannot trace any cancer cells in his brain! They told him that this could only be God because his situation was too bad, but praise Jesus God turned it around. Thank You Pastor for your prayers and teachings.

God richly bless you. We are so happy to see him being restored and living for God. -Gladys from Bahrain