Destiny Encounters News Letter for April 2013

Dear Partners and Friends of Revival,

As we enter into the second quarter of this year we have some exciting events planned. Charlie and Brynn have planned overseas missions trips to France, Kuwait and Pakistan and would like you to prayerfully consider helping send them.

This May will be Charlie's first time to minister in France and we are so blessed with the opportunity. He will be in Lyon, France, where they will be taking teams of people to reach out to those on the streets. There is an expectation for mighty mircales, signs and wonders to take place during this time. Last month Charlie spent some time ministering in Quebec, Canada, a place Brynn's Grandmother was born, and later speaking with her learned that she had descended from the French Huguenots, which were Protestant Reformers. Now, this trip is even more of a unique and special opportunity.

 In addition to France, at the end of May, Charlie will also be in Kuwait. Last Fall, he traveled over 32 hours to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ in Nepal, a nation that is 2 percent Christian. His plane stopped off in Kuwait City, Kuwait. As he waited there, he began to pray that God would open a door of opportunity to this nation for him to preach the Gospel. A few months later he was contacted by missionaries there with an invitaiton to come and minister!

 Later, in July our next missions work will be in Pakistan. There we will be holding open air crusades and the services will be televised throughout the Middle East. We are incredibly honored at this open door to preach the Good News in a Muslim nation. We are especially asking for your prayers during this time as Charlie, his Father and brother will also be going.

 We are asking you to partner with us in prayer as we preach the Gospel around the world. In addition, please ask God what you can give financially to help send us to the nations. Any amount can help support the Shamp family and supply the ministry needs as we prepare for the next three overseas events.

As our Thank You to you for your continued financial support and prayers, we have included a link to a special three part message Charlie has just released this weekend. Here he teaches on the Biblical foundation of Signs & Wonders! I know this will bless you. Simply follow the link to listen. Thank you for your support. Enjoy and be Blessed!!