Kingdom Invasion UK and European Tour

Dear Friends,

We are so excited about what God has been doing this year, and what he continues to do in our lives and ministry.

Since January 2014, we have been to 7 nations outside of the US; Kuwait, Bahrain, France, twice to Germany, twice to England, South Africa and China. Not to mention numerous cities through out the States, including a 21 day Spring Tour in the month of May with the entire family in tow. It has been incredible to say the least. Most every miracle testimony that we share has video footage posted on You Tube, so you can view either the service or the personal testimony of the individual God has forever changed. Please click the link below to view some incredible miracles God has done over the first half of the year!

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While we were in England during the month of February God began to burn in my heart the flames of revival for the United Kingdom. It was a spark that ignited my entire being, only to be confirmed when I returned with Brynn later in April. God began to speak to both of us about an extended stay in England and what the work was that God truly had for us there. We are now excited to announce we will be planning a 3 month missions tour of England, the UK and surrounding European countries. We will be taking our two children with us as well. The Lord made it very clear to me the importance of my family being involved in our ministry. Often I travel alone, as I have a school aged son and a toddler. Traveling together isn't always the best option. Yet, as God spoke about the significance of going to England for an extended time this coming year, he also emphasized bringing Brynn and the kids. This way there is no need to travel back and forth to the States as we will all be together. It will be a special time as we dedicate our family to God's work in England and Europe.

The dates are set for April 2015 - June 2015. While praying over this the past several months, it became increasingly clear that this is exactly what God intended for us to do.

In June, we received a prophetic word from Chuck Pierce confirming what our next season in ministry will look like. This so clearly was a re-establishing of what God had put in our hearts to do in the United Kingdom. You can watch the video clip from the service right here:

Watch the Prophetic word here!

We wanted to share this exciting and strategic plan with you, our partners and friends. The cost involved to take my entire family to England and all over Europe to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ doesn't come cheap. Yet we know that souls will be saved and lives forever transformed and that makes it every bit worth it. Please continue to partner with us and prayerfully consider how you can support us as we raise funds to essentially be missionaries to Europe, a place with great religious strongholds, for 3 months next year. We now have a little over 5 months to prepare as we answer God's call to England and the UK.

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In Christ, Charlie Shamp