Miracles in the Mist- October 2010

Dear Partners and Friends of Revival, This past month was full of excitement and power packed encounters. God is ready to pour out on our generation like no other generation, but we have to begin to make room for Him in this hour. We were privileged to travel and share the glory of the gospel with so many wonderful people this month.

In St. Louis we saw many healed by the power of God as we shared the simplicity of the cross and the finished works of Christ. A young girl who had a brace on her arm was healed by the power of God. She took the brace of and flung it in the air. It was so awesome to see the people’s faces as she wept and shared her testimony about the healing power for God. From that one testimony people begin to also receive their miracles.

We also held a two night tent revival in Lebanon Tennessee with a local pastor that is very hungry to see revival in this region. I posted a video of highlights from the meetings at the bottom of the page so you can see everything that God did. One of the most amazing miracles that took place was a woman who had pain in her stomach for over thirty years testified that she was healed while I was releasing words of knowledge. I am fully convinced that we are going to see an out pouring of revival in this region.

Finally if you have not already read about my trip to Wales and the United Kingdom I encourage you to go to Company of Burning Hearts website and read all about our wild adventure over there with Justin Abraham. Here is a link to Do you tremble: http://companyofburninghearts.wordpress.com/2010/10/19/do-you-tremble/.  I am so excited about what is happening all over the earth right now as God is linking together an army to invade every corner of the globe for His glory.

Blessings in Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp