Newsletter August 2011- Open Heavens in Illinois

Dear Friends and Partners of Revival, The month of July was a whirlwind of the glory! At the beginning of the month we visited Olive Tree Connection and ministered with Pastor Karen Johnson. This was a very special time for us because Pastor Karen was one of my first spiritual mentors when I came to know Christ. It was a true privilege to be able to come back and release a word from God over the congregation. The service was explosive as a heavy revelation on the fourth dimension was released.

There was an awesome display of the angelic realm as we declared the Word of the Lord over the church. Many people received healings in their bodies and prophetic words that brought clarity and understanding to their callings.

As I had previously mentioned in last month’s word on the Revival Awakening in August; everywhere we have been traveling there has been signs of a great outpouring over our nation. This was truly the case with our meetings in Marion, Illinois! There was such an awesome presence of God’s glory all weekend long as He poured out His Spirit and released fresh impartation over that region. On Sunday morning the spirit of might came over me as I preached on wonder working faith and the release of the angelic realm. It had not rained in that city for three weeks and the Lord told me to prophesy and declare that there was going to be a down pour of rain as a sign that God was dealing with the powers in the heavens and the spirit of doubt and unbelief that rested over the city. There was no sign of rain. In fact,  the sun was shining bright with no clouds in sight. As we sat down to eat lunch, suddenly massive black clouds rolled in and the wind began to blow violently. Then it literally poured rain in buckets! It was an awesome display of God power and presence. We are excited about the future of that region. Powerful things are in the works and we know that every prophetic word will come to pass!

In addition, this month we will be ministering at the 31 Nights of Revival that is taking place in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Global Fire Church. Our greatest desire is to see regions and nations burning with the fire of God. Here at Global Fire Church there has been a true spirit of burning taking place. I personally want to encourage you to make the journey out and come get the fire to take back to your region or nation. Paul wrote to the Romans and told them that he longed to be with them that he might impart to the some spiritual gift that they might be established. There is defiantly a special glory that is being released in these meetings that is tangible and transferable. So come get the FIRE! Hope to see all of you there.

Here is a link to watch live every night at 7:00 PM CST

Blessings in Christ,

Charlie and Brynn Shamp