Newsletter February 2012- Glory Explosion Illinois

Dear Partners and Friends of Revival, The past month of January was simply incredible starting with the first event Bliss and Fire in Indianapolis, Indiana. What a time we had! Both Matthew Spinks and I were anticipating a crazy weekend of glory, but this event was over the top. We saw such an awesome display of both revelation on the Word and demonstration of God's power, it was amazing. All weekend long God rocked us with the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. The level of joy was simply out of this world.

Every session was filled with a heavy realm of signs and wonders as God dissolved metal screws and pins, healed backs, necks, and shoulders. God also released several dental miracles; starting on Saturday with a boy who had lost a filling in his tooth. After the meeting he realized that God had filled it and given him a brand new filling! On Sunday night the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation manifested in such a way that when I called people to the front for impartation several immediately fell under the power of God without anyone laying hands upon them. God then began to fill people's mouths with gold; one girl received a gold cross filling! Also, I wanted to mention that our friend Jason Barrows and his band The Heritage who played at the Bliss and Fire event will be releasing their EP, The Golden Age on the 16th of this month. Jason is one of the most powerful worship leaders that I have ever heard and I highly encourage you to pick up their new cd. You will not be disappointed! They are carrying the true sound of heaven and you can feel the glory on literally every note as they play. It's incredible!

We also traveled to Marion, Illinois, for Glory Explosion Illinois. An event that was originally supposed to last for three days has now gone into its fourth weekend! Words cannot describe what is taking place there as God is simply blowing us all away with His overwhelming joy and glory. Every meeting seems to get wilder as God releases fresh revelation on the cross and the finished works of Christ. The signs and wonders have been off the charts from supernatural weight loss, oil coming out of people's hands, angel feathers, and heavy drunken glory! Many miracles have been happening as well. From a man with a back brace healed by God to lungs, kidneys, and sense of smell restored. God is doing a powerful work in these meetings! We are going back for our fourth weekend and I want to highly encourage you to make the trip and come celebrate what Christ has accomplished. We are not pressing in or contending for a "revival" or "move of God"! These meetings are a celebration of what He has done and our union with Him! There is an awakening to the reality of Christ finished works! Love you all and hope to see you there.

Blessings in Christ

Charlie and Brynn Shamp