Newsletter November 2011- Bliss and Fire Ohio

Dear Partners and Friends of Revival, This month I wanted to take some time to thank all of those who came out to the Dead Raising 101 Conference and the Bliss and Fire Ohio event. It was great to see some of our friends and partners make it out this month to the events and celebrate with us the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been getting several emails from those whose lives were transformed by the teachings and many have sent in testimonies of financial miracles.

The Dead Raising 101 event in Lebanon, TN was awesome and there was such a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation that was activated in the meeting it was incredible. Several Words of Knowledge went forth and people received healing as well as insight into the wisdom of God on their personal situations. Nearly everyone in attendance received an accurate prophetic word from the Lord. Our Second Bliss and Fire event this year was in the state of Ohio. It has always been a dream of mine to see different streams in the body come together and embrace the finished works of Christ and I believe this is one of the things we witnessed throughout the week. Every night we were in a new location throughout the region bringing forth the message of Christ in you. We witnessed God's healing and delivering power in nearly every gathering. The Saturday night meeting was one of the highest levels of worship and word that I have seen in a long time. Many were caught up into ecstasies and the glorious bliss of Christ as the worship and word went forth. It was an honor to be a part or such an amazing time.

We are excited about the future months as we begin to work on our upcoming Bliss and Fire events for next year. God is definitely up to something glorious! Check out our itinerary for more information. Blessings!

Bliss in Christ,

Charlie and Brynn Shamp