Power of the Prophetic: Praise Report!


In Asheboro North Carolina, you called for an Alexander but is called Alex and has a skin condition. I felt impressed to pray about my sons skin that week when i saw him (he lives in South Carolina). Any way you prayed with him on the phone regarding this condition. What i did not know was that the doctor lanced an area previously on his chest and Alex was hoping not to go back or that it would continue to spread. I saw and spoke with my son over the holiday and he says he's healed. He thought i knew the area affected was the chest . I did not know until I saw him continue to touch his chest while discussing what our Father had done and asked why he kept touching his chest. He says it was very tender to the touch even after covering the area with bandages. But now it is all gone just a few marks. Thank you Lord for healing Alex and showing yourself mighty! Hallelujah! Kim