The Prophetic word on New Energy is coming to pass!


Some of you may remember my prophetic word that went out through Elijah List earlier this year regarding new technologies and clean energy resources bankrupting the oil industry. Well, it's happening right now that's why OPEC is lowering the price of oil because they know what's coming, but they can't stop the wave of this revolution. I pray that God's people invest wisely in this coming year. We will see specific breakthroughs in the coming days with different forms of energy. Energy has always been a great concern for many, and for decades there has been an iron fist controlling technology from being released that would free the earth from an oil-based energy system. But the Lord revealed to me that in the not-too-distant future there will be no difference between waste and energy. In fact, right now there are nations on the verge of breakthroughs in energy that will cause Babylon to be bankrupt overnight. It will be a shock to many when it comes, but it is already in the works. The tide is changing, and I see new ways and waves of energy coming to the shores of many nations. Mark my words, the planet will not run on oil forever. That system is running out of time! Elijah List May 24, 2014

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