Word of the Month: May 2011

There is such a shift that is taking place that even the earth is feeling it right now. The very earth beneath us is moving and trembling at what is coming. We need to begin to position ourselves for the future and align with eternity. We cannot be satisfied with what we have now or what seems to be popular in our "stream".

Even if what we feel we are bringing to the body of Christ seems to be something fresh and new. It's time to make a shift in our minds and focus on building into eternity. This may be an unpopular statement with some of my friends that are "fully satisfied", but I am not content with a new revelation. I'm content on seeing nations transformed with the glory of God, not little gatherings with people happy about their new found understanding.

I'm reminded of a story about Kenneth Hagan, when Jack Coe was telling him that he wasn't doing anything of significance for God because he was still in the local church ministering with pastors and leaders. Jack told Kenneth he should go out and get a tent like him because that was what God was doing. It was the new big thing! They were going against the grain! Jack said they were taking over the church and releasing something new and fresh. Jack was right about bringing something new to the body, but the arrogance and spirit behind it was wrong. He failed to count the cost and keep love in the center of what he was doing for God. Hagen looked right back at him and said, listen here, when you're dead and gone I will still be around because you're building on your gift, but I'm building on the Word. The fact is that Jack Coe forgot to build on love and not on a revelation.

This is a fatal mistake that had stopped many previous moves of God throughout history. In our generation love must become one of our key stones in which we build this next great awakening. Jake Coe was a forerunner for his generation, but the momentum that was carrying him, as well as several other healing revivalists of that day, was short circuited because of competition and pride. Instead of working together they competed to see who had the biggest crowds, the craziest miracles, and largest offerings. I truly believe that America could have seen a third great awakening in the nineteen fifties had it not been for the spirit of competition that brought such a great deception to the leaders of that day. We must learn from these mistakes so that we do not repeat them in the future. If the truth were told, we have only begun to scratch the surface of the bliss that Christ has called us to experience in our life time. It would be a great mistake to settle for what we have seen and make the decision to be content with what we understand to be the richness of God. At this point what the future holds for us is yet to be seen. We see and know only in part, but as far as I can see the future is bright and on our side. I am constantly being encouraged by the Lord as He connects me to new friends that have the same heart for something greater and deeper in our generation. They are fearless, passionate, and love sick for God. It's not that we are looking for the new or fresh, but that we are simply leaving behind the known to embrace the unknown. I believe with all of my heart that history will write of these wild pioneers that forged new paths and pressed towards this next awaking.

Into the Eye of God

Over the years I have had many supernatural experiences that have wrecked me and caused me to shift to a deeper place in Him. I wanted to share with you an encounter that I had with the Holy Spirit that happened several months ago. In this recent encounter I found myself sitting on my old living room couch that my parents had when I was growing up. That couch holds a very special place in my heart because when I had first given my life to the Lord I spent three solid days fasting and praying for God to touch and anoint my life. I was eighteen at the time, coming off of drugs and embracing my new found life in Christ. I was so hungry and desperate for God to reveal himself to me that I simply sat there and waited for Him to show up. On the third day the power of God came so strong on me that I was literally thrust out of my body and sent into a divine visitation that marked me for life. After that day I was never the same.

Recently, in a night vision, the Holy Spirit brought me back to that same place. We sat on that couch and began to communicate in a heavenly language. After several minutes of this I stopped to look into His eyes. We stared at one another as I looked I saw His irises were blue flames that seemed to burn and consume my very soul. I cried out, "I want your eyes!" He leaned over placing His hands on me and we began to pray. Fire erupted inside of me as I felt His liquid love began to fill me. I was fully consumed, intoxicated in Him. We pulled away from each other and began to communicate again this time as I began to look into His eyes I put my focus on His pupils. I made a decision that I wanted to go deeper into His eyes, past the fire that had consumed me only moments ago. A holy fear gripped me as I stepped into a place that was unfamiliar to me until I was swallowed up into Him. Deep into His eyes I went until I found myself in the cosmos. I saw all of eternity. I saw creation the beginning and the end. We were there in the apple (pupil) of His eye.

He found him in a desert land, in the howling void of the wilderness; He kept circling around him, He scanned him [penetratingly], He kept him as the pupil of His eye. (Deut. 32:9-10 AMP)

So much was being revealed in that moment that it felt as though my brain was being fried. The planets and stars were all wrapped up in Him. I must say that words could never convey what I really saw it's simply too much. Literally everything was in His eye. Coming back out of that place the Holy Spirit began to speak to me spirit to spirit (spirit talk) and explain some very deep things about the eye of God. To say the least I know that we haven't even scratched the surface of what is available to us in Him. With all our understanding on the eye of God there are still deeper places to encounter in Him.

Deeper Still

Coming away from this experience l realized something more than ever before and it is this. The Holy Spirit is a friend and a gentle one at that. He is never going to push us past a place that we are not willing to go with Him. In the beginning of this encounter I was consumed by the fire to the point of being undone in Him. I was completely out of my mind drunk in His glory. This was in itself-awesome!

It was only when I was hungry for more and made the decision to go deeper past the place that I was familiar with that my world was flipped upside down. During our conversation the Holy Spirit never mentioned the deeper places to me. He was just happy with the communion we were having. I believe that most people are in this place. They are in the place of having been consumed with the fire yet not knowing that they can go deeper. The fire in itself is a good place to be and the fact is that the Holy Spirit is okay with us being happy and content with that. The fire is in Him, but what we must realize is there is so much more that we have yet to see. We have to make the choice to press past the known into the uncharted realms deep into His eye. This is our destiny! Whether we will be the generation of believers that step in deeper corporately is yet to be seen, but I have faith with all of my heart that we will be the ones. A generation that is just like Enoch, they get so close to God that the earth can no longer contain them. This is my prayer and my dream.