Newsletter May 2011- Greater Harvest Glory

Dear Partners and Friends of Revival, This past month was full of miracles and supernatural bliss! At the beginning of the month I traveled to Louisiana, Missouri, to minister at River of Life church with Pastors Mark and Jill Sheppard. We experienced some very awesome things over the course of the five days I was with them. The night meetings were explosive as God touched and activated the people into a new place.

This was my second time being there and I can see more than ever what God is going to do in that region as the believers arise to their position in Him to take the land. There was a real rousing in the realm of the spirit to activate the local body to work the supernatural in the streets among the lost. Pastor Mark and Jill have a vision for the harvest and I know that God is going to pour out His Spirit on them like never before. We saw many miracles in people's homes and on the streets. Everywhere we went God was faithful to demonstrate His power. A woman that was taking two Vicodin a day for sever neck pain was healed in her home after a word of knowledge was released to her. Eyes and ears were also touched by the power of God right on the streets. You could really feel the hunger in the region for something fresh and new! So much could be said about what took place, but I believe this is only the beginning.

Later in the month it was off to Michigan City, Indiana, with Pastors Joe and Rose Watterson at Waves of Refreshing. What a time we had so much heavenly bliss was poured out over the weekend! We had people coming from different parts of Indiana and Illinois including our good friends Matt and Katie Spinks along with some of the Fire House crew. Great healings and miracles took place over the progression of the weekend. I really appreciate Pastor Joe's heart when it comes to true freedom in the Spirit. There was simply no limitation on these meetings at all. Many people were completely blitzed under the glory. In fact, the Saturday night meeting I didn't make it through the preaching because I was going into a trance. God is so good! We know that many people were truly blessed and refreshed during our time there.

If you have a testimony from any of the meetings this month please send it to us at . We would love to hear about what God did in your life! Remember no testimony is too small because we serve a big God.

I also want to encourage you to pray for us as we go to Brazil this month. We are looking to reach out to many people on the streets that are lost in a lifestyle of drugs, prostitution, and homosexuality. This will be a non-stop adventure night and day! We are expecting an extreme release of the bliss with countless miracles and many salvations in the churches and out on the streets. As most of you know that follow our ministry some of the things we are bringing to the table are pretty wild and can cause a stir among those that want to hold on to their traditions and religion. Please pray for open hearts in that nation among the church leaders as we are beginning to see a community of radical ecstatic's arising and shifting what was once seen as normal Christianity in the country. If you would like to give to the trip, simply click on the flyer below and be blessed! Since we will be out of the country for almost two weeks all updates on the trip will be posted through Facebook. So log on and check out what you are a part of! We truly love and appreciate all your prayers and support!

Blessings in Christ,

Charlie and Brynn Shamp