Doctor Verified Cancer Healing from Rochester, New York


Dear Friends and Partners,Take a moment to read this powerful testimony from the recent meetings held in Rochester, New York. God is still doing miracles today! If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer please email us at we want to pray and believe with you for their miracle.

-Charlie and Brynn

My name is Meg and I am the wife of Phil who has been healed of lung cancer.

About a year ago, Phil, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Through major surgery, he had one lung removed. This past year has been filled with battles both spiritual and physical.

About a week ago, my friend and I went to Rochester, New York, to attend the Salvation of God church for a conference with Charlie Shamp. While I was at this conference, Phil, who was at home coughed up blood. He called me to share this report. We had a real concern that his cancer had returned. After all, this was a symptom of lung cancer a year ago. Fear immediately entered our hearts. It was time to battle this attack of the enemy and declare that Phil would be healed in the name of Jesus! A few members of the Salvation of God church and Charlie Shamp began to intercede for Phil that the cancer would not be return. The glory of the Lord was so thick that we even began to see gold dust on us. We knew that this was a sign that Phil would be restored and cancer would not return.

On Wednesday Phil went to the doctor to get blood work done. He wrote this testimony on his Facebook page:

"I had a chest CT scan this morning and was not expecting the results until I met with the doctor on the 24th, unless it was bad news. I kind of went into temporary shock when his office called me a few minutes ago....just to tell me my scan was clear - no cancer. Praise God for his healing power and his grace."

For those who are struggling with sickness or cancer, please be encouraged! We serve a God who is faithful and heals! May God bless the Salvation of God church and Brother Shamp's ministry.

In Yeshua's love, Meg and Phil Lehman