The Heat is in the Street- September 2010

Dear Partners and Friends of Revival, I feel a real hunger and anticipation in the Spirit right now as we are entering into fall. God has given us fresh vision for the streets as well as a vision for souls in the nations of the earth. I believe that we are on the very precedent of a major outpouring such as we have never seen.

Locally here in the Tennessee state area I am seeing a hunger like I have not seen in many years. The streets are filled with people that are seeking for answers and longing for the truth which can only come through Christ.

Recently we hit the streets sharing the love of Christ threw power demonstrations and words of knowledge. Many of you have seen the clip that Munday Martin posted on you tube of the boy getting healed in the Barns and Nobles book store. (If not check it out on our kingdom encounters page) This was only a small taste of what truly happened that night. The power of God was manifested in a strong dimension with several healings taking place as well as words of knowledge that caused people to be baffled at how we could know the information that God showed us. It was truly awesome!

I also wanted to make mention of a small gathering of believers that we where privileged to minister to in Cookeville Tennessee. This was a fun time of God pouring out His presence in a special way. Many received a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit and where encouraged to press into the deeper things of God. We truly appreciate these young people and their heart and passion for the Kingdom.

Many times the leaders of these house churches or home groups are young adults with passion for Christ so it is always a blast for us to minister at these kinds of places because of the freedom. If any of you would like to have us out to your house church or home group don't hastate to drop us an email at and we will fit it in our schedule. Also be sure to check out this month's word in the prophet's loft I believe that this is a timely word for this season as well as a revelation that you can live in for the rest of your life. Thank you for your finical support and prayers.

Blessings in Christ

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