Word of the Month- February

God has been calling His Church to a higher place of praise. For far to long the Church has cried out for God to come down, but God wants His sons and daughters to go up. Its time to fly!

There is a supernatural lifting that is taking place in the body of Christ. God is raising up a standard against his enemies, that standard is the high praise (Isaiah 59:19). We must change our minds and set them high on His Kingdom(Col. 3:1-3). Its time to strip ourselves of all that is superficial and embrace the high life.

David was a man that lived the high life. Despite what people thought of him he longed to be one with his maker. He was so enraptured in the High Praises that he striped himself bare before the Glory of God. Leaving many to think that he was out of his mind and was no longer fit to run his own Kingdom, but David possessed something at that time that no man was able to obtain with all their sacrifices and offerings. He had the Heart of God. David offended many with his actions that day, but won the heart of God. God is establishing His covenant with those that have had a heart after His heart.(1 Sam. 16:7) Many sons have been called to enter the high praises of God, but only those with a heart like David have chosen to enter in. What would seem to be foolishness to men is the very thing that God uses to establish His Kingdom on earth.(1 Cor. 1:25-31) "After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up." (Acts 15:16)

David's greatness was not in his ability to lead rather in his willingness to follow the Glory. David had lost his mind in a state of rapturous praise and captured the heart of God. Had David gone to far by stripping himself of his kingly garments and appearing to be in a drunken state before his kingdom or was he setting an example of true Biblical leadership? The truth is that God was well pleased with his behavior. True Biblical leadership always makes a way for spiritual freedom which in turn makes a way for the glory of God. When leaders encourage people to go after God with all their heart, releasing the high praise, they are making room for the corporate anointing and this is where God commands the blessing (Psalm 133:1-3).

There are many out there discouraging the King's kids from living the high life. Many preachers love to speak on King David, but few have been willing to take there love for God to such an extreme. There has even been a spirit of mockery on many, but God is judging that spirit and those that are operating in it. Some will end up barren because of spiritual pride, when they mock the freedom of true worship. They use 1 Corinthians 14:40 like a merit bag. We act as though growing in God means acting a certain way. They try to maintain there composer in the meetings leaving the people that don't know any better to do the praising for them. Listen, it's not time to grow up its time to become as little children (Matt. 18:3). Don't misunderstand me I am not suggesting that Sunday morning, pastors should strip down to there skivvies and do a jig before their congregation, but many have been playing it far too safe. God is not looking for a fancy building with patted seats and a three hundred member choir rather a simple tent that he can invade. You are that tent!

Manger Money

God chose a dirty manger for His son's birth place on the earth. Great men came from far distances simply to lay there gifts at the King's feet. These wealthy men stepped into a smelly manger to release there gifts. There will be a great transference of wealth that will take place from the world to the church, but it will not take place as many have thought it would. Some have taught that the believer will come into great amounts of wealth in these end times simply because they are saved. Through this misguided teaching believers have focused on what they can get more then what they can give. When giving to the Lord, their  mentality is what I give I will get back with interest. Waiting on the day when they will magically become millionaires. They hold on to the promise that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just (Prov. 13:22). I believe that every child of God is called to be blessed and the truth is that we have already been blessed (Eph. 1:3), but I have to tell you that the transference will come because wicked men with great amounts of wealth are about to come to Christ by the hundreds. They will have major encounters with Christ because bold believers will step out and point them to the Bright and Morning Star and the light of this glorious gospel will shine bright in their hearts. Their wealth will have purpose and reach the lost in this generation. Those that have been forgiven of much love much and these men will willingly lay down their most prized possessions in order to reach the lost for their King. Great wealth will come to where the glory rests, not the other way around. Ministries that focus not on glamor, but on the glory will reach these men and will be used to bring in the end time harvest.

You Smell Like Fish

God is raising up some new breed revivalist and they smell. They stink like fish! These young evangelists have been laboring in the trenches unrecognized by the mainstream Christian circles. Their smell has been going up to the Father as a sweet savor in His nose, and the persecution they have received from many in the past few years will be rewarded by The Father with great boldness (Acts 4:29-31 ). They will receive great grace in this season to demonstrate the Gospel with power. John was an unlearned, ignorant, smelly fishermen that found his salvation on the shore of Galilee. God raised him up to become a pillar in the church and a founding father of Biblical revelation, but he never left his roots of what God had called him to at the beginning of his walk. "I will make you a fisher of men."

His strength lied in his pure passion and love for Jesus. His Gospel declared that he was the disciple who Jesus loved. The Bible says that John laid his head on the chest of Jesus. This was an act of love from John to the Son of God. Through this simple act of love an impartation was given of the true heart of the Father. This led him to pen down John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." He heard the heart beat of the Kingdom- LOVE.

It is the foolishness of preaching that draws men to the Kingdom of Heaven. Those that release what they have been made full of will impart to this generation the very essence of God- LOVE. God is Love and it is love that draws people to salvation. God is calling His church to LOVE the hell out of this world. This world is crying out for love. Who are we that we should keep this love we've been given hidden within the four walls of the church or worse yet the four chambers of our heart. It is a spirit of pride that keeps us in the boat of complacency. We should be crying out to Jesus on the water, let me come to you. Failure has always been a fear for most Christians, but in God there is no failure. With our eyes on Christ, we will not sink but rise to the occasion and do the impossible through God. We have been called to greater works. These greater works, work by love. Remember faith works by love.

End the Prohibition it's time to drink deep

There needs to be a whole lot less natural thinking and a lot more supernatural drinking if we want to make an impact on our nations. Peter was a wild disciple who made some mistakes, but when he stayed hammered drunk in the anointing he never missed it. There has been a lot of believers that have been walking in condemnation because of their past failures. They are focusing on what sin they committed, when their only failure was they stopped being with Jesus (Acts 4:13). Peter was walking around feeling sorry for himself because he denied the Lord, but when he made it to the upper room everything changed. Here's a word for all those that have been getting beat up by their past. TAKE A DRINK!!

If you walk in the Spirit there is no condemnation (Rom. 8:1). Peter got to the upper room took a few drinks with his buddies and forgot his past. The next thing they knew he was up on the table blitzed out of his mind winning three thousand people to Christ. There is a lot of boldness when you drink the new wine of God. Peter was a heavy drinker of the spirit. The guy drank so much he started seeing stuff (Acts 10). He stepped out on what he saw even when it didn't make since and opened up a new harvest field for the kingdom. God is calling us to dream big and think outside the religious box.

There is vision in the wine. Some have lost there vision for the harvest because they stopped drinking and started thinking. We have limited ourselves by natural thoughts when we have been called to have the mind of Christ. When we drink deep of the Holy Spirit we will see extraordinary miracles in the glory. Even Peter's shadow healed the sick. The guy wasn't even trying. He just stayed in the bliss and God used his body to do miracles. The best preachers are the heavy drinkers, because when you get out of your mind you are willing to do anything the Holy Spirit says. If he truly saved the best wine for last, and this was the first miracle that Jesus did to reveal His glory (John 2:10-11)let's drink deep of this sweet wine from heaven. For when we drink of the Spirit we will be change from glory to glory.

Blessings In Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp