Throne Room Encounters- Tennessee March 2010

Dear Friends and Partners, This month I wanted to share some amazing miracles that took place during our meetings in Tennessee. Many were touched by the power of God for the first time. The prophetic anointing was strong in these meetings and several people began to cry at the realization that God knew their situation and that He had not forgotten. A few of the testimonies will be posted on our You Tube channel, but I would like to mention some here as well. A lady who had dealt with severe pain in her leg was healed before the meetings even began. She felt that God was mad at her and thought that she was unworthy of receiving her healing. We ministered to her about who she was in Christ and laid hands on her, releasing the power of God into her leg. She was shocked when all the pain left her body. This is such a beautiful miracle because not only was she healed physically, her mind was set free from condemnation she had been carrying around for years.

The Lord also downloaded us with several names and conditions during the meetings. One word of knowledge that was given was for someone that had tumors all over their body. A man came forward and after laying hands on him the tumors started shrinking right in the meeting. A young girl who was in bad pain and was going to have surgery on both of her knees came forward to receive prayer. We prayed for her and she started jumping up and down, all the pain left her body. Some were set free from demon possession and you could see the joy return to their faces as they were filled full of the Holy Ghost. The word that was preached prophetically during the three nights spoke to many in a personal way. We believe that the Holy Spirit touched everyone that attended these meetings with a deep impartation to change their lives and those around them with the power of God. It truly was a life changing event for many. Blessings to all that attended the meetings and stay tuned for more up coming events in Tennessee. Again if you have more testimonies please email us at and let us know. We always love to hear from you.

Blessings in Christ,

Charles And Brynn Shamp